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Short Summer Ulpan- The ulpan's programs are temporary suspended:

The Summer Kibbutz Ulpan in Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon is a 4-week educational program for young tourists


The Ulpan’s goal is to provide you with a working knowledge of conversational Hebrew. Ulpan teachers specialize in teaching Hebrew as a second language to adults. Classes generally consist of 10-15 students and meet approximately 60 teaching hours in total. The program includes general information of Israel society and Judaism, and guided tours and hikes to historic sites and stunning locations.


Participants work 6-8 hours a day (total of 8 working days.) The type of work you do will depend on the immediate needs of the kibbutz. Be prepared for relatively menial work and tiring physical labor.


You will live in dormitory-style accommodation: three students to a room with shared bathroom and shower facilities en suite. The kibbutz provides full board and lodging as well as sheets, blankets, pillows, work-clothes and laundry services (for a nominal fee)

You will be provided with three meals a day in the kibbutz.

The kibbutz facilities (club, swimming pool, sports courts, etc.) are free of charge and you are welcome to use them.


The demanding work ethic and tight camaraderie of the small rural environment can sometimes make it difficult for the newcomer. However, if you are open to new experiences and flexible to a different reality you will be pleasantly surprised at the warm relationships you can develop and how much you can enjoy your special Israel experience.

It is important to keep in mind that kibbutz ulpan participants, despite having paid a participatory fee, are still guests on the kibbutz. We therefore ask you to be sensitive to the kibbutz rules and norms.


   It is advisable to leave your important documents, passport, and valuables in the Ulpan safe (in accordance to the insurance terms)

The Ulpan and the Kibbutz ARE NOT responsible for loss or theft of money, jewelry, and passports if they are not in the safe.

 For your attention- laptops, iPods, cameras or any mobile digital equipment are covered by the insurance for a very small amount.

We insure each participant with medical insurance while the participant is on the program. Once the program is over or if you choose to leave early, you will no longer be covered. The insurance is included in the program fee. We will not refund for medical conditions beyond the insurance coverage. In this case, you will have to independently cover any additional costs.

Please note: We highly recommended you take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the period before and after the program.


You must buy your own flight ticket. Transportation is not provided from the airport to the kibbutz, so you must make your own arrangements. We suggest you take the train from the airport to the central bus station in Tel-Aviv, and then a bus to the kibbutz. (To Mishmar HaSharon numbers 921, 823, 841 until 10p.m. To Naan numbers)


Anti-social and/or destructive behavior, as determined by the program staff in Israel; excessive or anti-social abuse of alcohol; any use of or involvement with drugs or narcotics; failure to disclose all relevant medical information prior to departure from origin country; leaving Israel during the program; not fulfilling responsibilities to the kibbutz or to the program, including work duties and classes.


The program at Kibbutz Mishmar HaSharon includes:

*Trip to Jerusalem – Old City, Yad VaShem museum, free time in Ben Yehuda street.

 *A 2-3 day trip to the south of Israel:  visit to a Bedouin camp to enjoy their hospitality, Judean desert, Massada, Dead Sea and Eilat.

 * A 2 day trip to the north of Israel: Caesarea, Druze  hospitality, Golan Heights, Northern and Western  Galilee.

*Afternoon workshop: “The Israeli Society.”

*Trip to Tel Aviv: past and present-in the evening a chance to enjoy Old Jaffa at night.

 *Visit to Har- HaTsofim campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (or other campus), meeting with the Student Authorities and information about higher education in Israel and a tour of the campus.

*The trips and the seminar are in English.

For more information, application forms, price, and payment, please contact:



Tel: +972-3-5301255

If you are from North America (US or Canada) then please contact the Kibbutz Program Center:

You can contact the Kibbutz

telephone +972-9-8983164.

Or fax +972-9-8983357.


We hope this information will help you to join the program.